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Ecomwebfly provides consultation & development services, right from planning your online strategy, content writing to marketing your online products.

Search Engine Optimisation

Make your website visible with effective SEO Our search engine optimization (SEO) services are created to enhance visibility in the search results ((“naturally”, “organicically”, or “free”)) to drive quality and targeted traffic to your website. We’ve created success stories even the most competitive markets. Effective SEO rockets up traffic to your website by increasing its visibility in search engines from organic searches. Main Objective of the SEO is to help the search engines index your website and help people know your business when they enter keywords (or phrases) in the search engines. For example, if you are a Café Coffee Shop but your website does not include the word coffee in it then the search engine will not know your business which is to serve coffee. Hence Search engines will not be able to index your website. An effective SEO results in better search engine rankings for your website followed by increase in web traffic and lead conversions. This helps you to derive more ROI and adds to your business growth. We at Ecomwebfly always come up with new innovative business solutions to promote business of our clients and thus optimizing our client profits. This has also added to our SEO business growth and increased our credibility in online business. Do you want to unravel the secrets of our business success? Secrets of our business success lie in our business approach >> Defining ,researching and discovering organic customer searches from inquiry to conversion >> Identifying the keyword ranking requirements >> Build a perfect and successful SEO Strategy for targeted keywords to get better SEO rankings for the website >> Correct execution of On-Site and Off Site methods of website optimization >> Frequent evaluation of your defined business objectives and regular monitoring & documentation of the success rate of SEO campaigns Come and be a part of our business because we are treading the same path that leads to business success. Let us work together and become successful brands in online business.

Email Marketing

Ecomwebfly: Indian Internet Marketing Company Email Marketing Email Marketing has received a "bad rep", due to Spam. However, targeted Email Marketing gives maximum ROI. Opt-in email lists is the effective method of Email Marketing. Not only does it give you a positive ROI, but also helps in Online Branding by creating a premium identity for your online brand. Ecomwebfly offers entire Email Marketing Management Services to maximize your ROI. We provide the following components of Email Marketing: 1) Identifying genuine Opt-in lists. 2) Creating eCommerce Sites specific to your email marketing Campaign. 3) Email Blasting. 4) Reporting & Tracking Email Campaign results. 1) Identifying genuine Opt-in lists. This is the most crucial aspect, as different Opt-in email lists have different industry specific lists. For example, Vendor 1 of Opt-in email list has Quality email list for Health Care Industry, while Vendor 2 has a better opt-in list of Breast Cancer category. So, if your product is targeted at Breast Cancer, then Vendor 2 should be your choice. There is a huge Categorization of Opti-in email lists. Ecomwebfly help you by providing you Specific targeted Opti-in Email user lists. 2) Creating Sales or eCommerce Sites specific to your email marketing Campaign. Ecomwebfly has designed and developed 200+ E-commerce sites to date, here is a partial list of eCommerce sites. eCommerce sites development includes the following scope of services. 3) Email Blasting. Sending thousands of emails successfully is vital to your Email Marketing Campaign. From our experience & research, we have identified pitfalls, which usually occur during blasting large number of emails. We ensure that your emails do not land up in the "Bulk Mail Folders", or "Junk Mail Folders", of your targeted recipients. 4) Reporting & Tracking Email Campaign results. With out analysis and report generation of your email marketing campaign you cannot calculate ROI. We have custom developed software for ROI Calculation and an online email marketing campaign tracking tool. From the database we continuously monitor successful conversions, geographic demographics, product acceptance, invalid email addresses, etc & provide Reports of the Email marketing Campaign.

Online Advertising and Promotions

Online advertising is just not banner advertising. Although 'Online Banner advertising', still constitutes a major chunk of online advertising, many more cost-effective online advertising solutions are deployed by us for our clients. Following are the other online advertising solutions provided by us: Text URLs Content Sponsorship Sponsored Links Flash Intros. Theme based advertising solutions. 1)Text URLs Link popularity is one of the key factors for High Search Engine Rankings. Google lays more emphasis on "Anchor text", of incoming links to your website. We have successfully executed online advertising campaigns "Anchor Text", in URL Campaigns. We provide reports of website maintenance for individual folders and web pages of your site. This form of online advertising is effective to drive traffic to particular pages of your website & at the same time improve your ranking for that particular page. 2)Content Sponsorship. This form of online advertising is effective in a subtle, yet effective way. It works like this. We get content like product overviews, technical theory, articles regarding your services published on popular portals. Your company URL is provided at the end of the article, below the author's name. This is a very effective & successful form of online advertising. An Online Surveys can also be used along side this article to gather feedback regd. Your products/services. 3) Sponsored Links Where to place your 'Sponsored Link', on search engines & directories requires industry analysis, keyword research & competitor analysis. We provide you with the most cost-effective solution, with the aim of boosting your ROI. Online advertising by 'Sponsored Links', also gives you a premium visibility & assists in Online Branding. 4) Theme based advertising solutions. Our research team continuously updates & categorizes different portals and online advertising media by industry categorization. This is helpful particularly from Search Engine Optimization, as High Search Engines Rankings are obtained from theme based linking struture. 5) Flash Intros Flash intros are small Flash animation demos, which usually short & effective online advertising tools to drive home your product /services. Flash intros are used for Online Branding purposes to highlight your online presence at the same time drive traffic to your website. This form of online advertising can be used for any type of industry, as the object is to create a visual impact on the browser. Results are directly proportional to the quality of Flash Intro. Customer profile, demographics, online user preferences have to be researched before developing a Flash Intro. Please see our Flash Animation page for an in-depth to your Flash Animation services & Flash Gallery. Here are a few samples of Flash Intros developed by us.

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